The 12 Best Places for a Kid's Birthday Party in San Antonio - Roaming Texas (2024)

The 12 Best Places for a Kid's Birthday Party in San Antonio - Roaming Texas (1)

If you have kids, you probably know the drill.

A packed calendar with lots of birthday parties.

That’s not such a big deal when you’re just shuffling the little ones around, but what about when it’s your turn to host your child’s big day?

To help relieve some of that stress, we’ve put together a list of 12 of the best places for a kid’s birthday party in San Antonio – from children’s musuems and zoos to some of the city’s best go-karts. Enjoy!

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  • Map of the Birthday Places
  • The DoSeum
  • Pump It Up
  • Incredible Pizza
  • Ground Control
  • Andretti’s
  • Escape The Room
  • Legoland Discovery Center
  • Monster Mini Golf
  • The Rollercade
  • Splashtown
  • Witte Museum
  • San Antonio Zoo Kiddie Park Parties

Map of the Birthday Places

The DoSeum

I have a confession: The DoSeum is so fun that I’ve actually gone there without children (they have adults-only nights with booze and snacks). The DoSeum is one of the best children’s museums I’ve ever visited and our nieces absolutely love this place. The best part is that you can book the museum for a birthday party, too!

The Standard Party Package is $315 and includes unlimited playtime for up to 30 kids, a party room for 1.5 hours, a birthday host, birthday decorations, digital invitations, and reserved parking. For $405, the Deluxe Party Package includes 8 pizzas, sodas, party favors, and paper utensils. It also includes a 30-minute activity guided by the DoSeum for up to 15 kids. Choose between Dino Dig It, Slime-tastic Science, or Operation Cupcake to entertain the kiddos—they’ll have so much fun that they won’t even realize it’s educational.

  • Address: 2800 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209
  • Website: The DoSeum

Pump It Up

Our nephew had his 6th birthday party at Pump It Up and it was lit. Pump It Up is an indoor bounce house that’s full of inflatable, bouncy fun. Translation: you don’t have to sit in the sweltering San Antonio heat to enjoy a bounce house party. For 25 kids, the packages range from $359 – $579, depending on what you’re looking for. The Deluxe package includes pizza and drinks while the Ultimate package includes deluxe balloons and goodie bags. Plus, the kids will be so exhausted from jumping that I guarantee they’ll sleep like a rock. Worth it.

P.S. – The food was surprisingly good here. I don’t know where they got the pepperoni pizza, but it was seriously some of the best pizza I’ve ever had at a kids’ party.

Incredible Pizza

In my experience, the pizza here is not-so-incredible, but for a kid’s birthday party, Incredible Pizza is still a great choice. They have a huge buffet, so even picky eaters can find something they’ll love. Incredible Pizza also has games, rides, laser tag, and glow-karts to entertain a crowd. Prices range from $15 – $33/person, so keep a close eye on your guest list to estimate the total cost.

Ground Control

Do your kids want a sleepover party but you don’t want to deal with 20+ kids at your house? I got you. Ground Control is a trampoline park that offers private sleepover events. It includes 8 hours of exclusive park access, pizzas, sodas, paper goods, and grip socks for every jumper. It’s a little pricey at $795 for 5 jumpers, but this is definitely a sleepover party your birthday kiddos will remember.


Andretti’s is one of the cleanest, nicest family entertainment destinations in San Antonio. If you can’t stand one more trip to the filthy pigsty that is Chuck E. Cheese, give this place a go. Score a personal party coordinator, go-karts, games, laser tag, party invitations, food, and goodie bags with Andretti’s birthday options. All of its birthday packages are custom, though, so you’ll have to call them for pricing.

Escape The Room

Looking for a downtown destination? Escape The Room is perfect for entertaining older kids, but it’s appropriate for the entire family. You’ll need one adult per child under the age of 14, though, so keep that in mind. Every escape room is private, so you only play the game with people you know, which is a big plus. Let them know ahead of time that you’re booking for a birthday party and they’ll craft a unique experience just for your group.

Legoland Discovery Center

Legoland is perfect for younger kids’ birthday parties. And this place is freakin’ cool. The packages range from $450 – $600, depending on if you want pizza and a mini-build with your party host. Whatever you choose, this kid’s birthday package gives you access to all of Legoland’s rides, experiences, and 4D movie theater.

Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf is an awesome indoor glow-in-the-dark experience that’s one of the best mini golf courses in San Antonio, and it’s also perfect for kids!

Their high-end package goes for $600 (The GraveYard Hop), which includes up to 40 guests, a dedicated party host, 2 party rooms for 3 hours, game cards, toys, arcade tickets, and party bags. Oh, and they also cover setup and cleaning, which means 30 kids won’t be destroying your house this year. Hallelujah.

The Rollercade

If you want an old-fashioned kids’ birthday party, the Rollercade is the place to be. Kids love rollerskating! My nieces spend hours at the rink every time we go and I practically have to drag them back home. Plus, the funky retro vibe of The Rollercade gives me some much-needed 90s childhood nostalgia.

Anyway, The Rollercade also has several party rooms that you can book for a kid’s birthday. For $500, you get a private party room for up to 3 hours for 25 kiddos. This includes skates, drinks, games, ice cream sandwiches, and a special t-shirt for the birthday kiddo.

  • Address: 223 Recoleta Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Website: The Rollercade


It gets pretty darn hot here in San Antonio. If your kid’s birthday falls during the summer months, look into a party at Splashtown, our local water park. For $245 – $270, you get admission for 10 people, 1 hour in their party room, and a meal package. You can also add on treats like Icees and cookies, too.

Witte Museum

The Witte Museum is a cool, kid-friendly venue. Their packages start at $300 and include 2 hours in their party room, setup for 25 people, and a toy for the birthday kiddo. If you want to go the extra mile, the Witte has themed packages available starting at $575. Choose from Dino Discovery, Party Animals, Super Slime, Mini Chef, or a themed party based on their revolving temporary exhibits. The themed parties include 25 attendees, 12 goodie bags, an InterActor for the party, and activities for 12 kids.

San Antonio Zoo Kiddie Park Parties

The San Antonio Zoo hosts kids’ birthday parties in its Kiddie Park area. Because it’s a zoo, it can only accommodate 12 guests, but boy, there’s so much to do here! This is actually the oldest children’s amusem*nt park in the USA. For $200, you get 2 hours at the zoo’s Kiddie Park for the entire party. If you want pizza, kid’s meals, or a birthday cake, be sure to reserve them as an add-on for your party.

The 12 Best Places for a Kid's Birthday Party in San Antonio - Roaming Texas (2024)


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