What Does Brooke Monk Do for a Living? Her Age, Height, Career (2024)


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Brooke Monk is one of those social media creators who’ve demonstrated that internet fame can be translated into real-life success and recognition. Since rising to fame on TikTok in 2019, Brooke has been conquering the hearts of her audience with entertaining, funny and light-hearted videos about relatable teen situations, family and friends, make-up tutorials, vlogs, and dance routines.

These days, the 20 years old Brooke has over 40 million followers on several social media platforms, and has been sponsored by several international brands, becoming one of the most relevant influencers of our time, and showing once and for all that, there’s no limit to age or success which can’t be challenged by determination and creativity.

Keep reading to learn more about Brooke Monk, what else she does for a living besides social media, her personal life and so much more!

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Early Life

Brooke Monk was born on 31 January 2003 in Colorado USA, the middle of five daughters who were all homeschooled. Most details about the identity of Brooke’s parents and sisters are unknown, except for the fact that they’re a Christian family.

Brooke’s childhood was very sheltered, and she wasn’t allowed to use social media or watch popular TV shows. As Brooke said in a 2022 interview, she got to watch episodes of “SpongeBob SquarePants” for the first time when she was 15 years old, and popular movies such as “Shrek” and “Harry Potter” were totally banned from her home, and she hadn’t watched them even after becoming an adult. Nonetheless, Brooke doesn’t describe her parents as especially strict, and affirms that the restrictions they put on her were fueled mainly by the lifestyle that other homeschooled kids followed too.

Her Beginnings On Social Media

Considering that Brooke’s current career is all about social media, it’s surprising that her childhood was almost devoid of the internet’s influence. Nonetheless, Brooke’s earliest influence when it came to creating content was YouTube, as she often watched make-up tutorials even before she was allowed to use any, according to what she told “The Good Boys Podcast” in 2022.

As years passed, Brooke’s parents allowed her to create a YouTube channel on which she shared make-up-related videos. Her content didn’t have lots of success back then, and she eventually deleted her account.

Brooke’s next step in her social media journey was to create a TikTok account in 2019, on which she shared videos recreating situations relatable to teens, using teen movies and shows for reference given her lack of experience at a real school. Despite her naivete, Brooke’s videos soon started becoming viral, leaving her no option but to expand her online presence to YouTube and Instagram.

As Brooke told Elite Daily in 2023, her homeschooling situation left her with not many people to talk to, on top of also making her feel that she ‘had to fight’ for her identity. However, social media has been a perfect platform for Brooke to express herself, and interact with other people.

Growth & Recognition

Long gone are the days when Brooke Monk was a 16-year-old girl creating dance videos in her parents’ house. These days, Brooke is close to hitting the four million subscribers mark on YouTube, and has over two billion views on the platform. Since starting her accounts in 2019, Brooke’s Instagram has amassed four million followers and her Snapchat has over 2.5 million subscribers.

Her most popular social profile is on TikTok, on which she has over 30 million followers, and her videos are close to hitting the 2.5 billion mark of likes. Overall, Brooke has over 40 million followers combined on all her social media, a fact she takes pride in. As Brooke writes on her LinkedIn profile, her success on the internet is a direct result of the strategies she’s created for her social media, putting a special focus on optimizing her content for every platform. In 2022, she also joined the popular social media creation project Hype House, though she left after a couple of months.

Brooke’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed by her fans and the media, as in 2023 Forbes named her 37th on the list of the Top Creators from around the world, emphasizing how she’s managed to expand her influence on the internet by collaborating with big brands and companies from diverse fields.

Criticism & Controversies

Brooke Monk’s accomplishments as a young but stable content creator are undeniable, but her ever-increasing fame has also made her the focus of scrutiny. As reported by The Sun, Brooke’s often been criticized for her clothing choices, and the topics she showcases in her content, given how her detractors think these don’t go in hand with her Christian background.

Need more Brooke monk feet content asap pic.twitter.com/V575U6UWIv

— gooner (@celeblover33) September 3, 2023

Also, Brooke has been the victim of ‘deepfake’ practices, which consist of the creation and sharing of digitally altered sexual-themed pictures. Just as Brooke affirmed in a video from mid-2023, the situation regarding these ill-intended pictures has been ‘hurtful’ to her, especially when it comes to people who spread this content as truthful, and have sexually harassed her as a result. She also asked her followers to doubt the veracity of pics depicting her in sexual situations, and report them right away.

Romantic Life

Brooke Monk has been dating fellow content creator Sam Dezz since 2020. The pair initially connected through social media, first becoming friends before expressing their mutual romantic interest in each other, at a time when Brooke lived in Colorado and Sam in California.

The pair finally met in mid-2020, when Brooke and her father traveled to Los Angeles to look for apartments for her to stay in as she moved to the city after finishing high school. Brooke recorded their first in-person meeting, and shared it on YouTube under the title “Meeting my boyfriend for the first time”, which has been watched over 1.5 million times.

Following Brooke’s move to Los Angeles, she and Sam have repeatedly collaborated on each other’s social media content, gaining lots of popularity thanks to their romantic and professional partnership.

Appearance & Net Worth

Brooke Monk is a woman of Caucasian descent, with natural reddish-brown hair and greenish-brown eyes. She’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, but her weight is unknown. Brooke is often praised for her looks, and good taste in make-up and clothing.

Regarding her net worth, in 2023 Forbes estimated her fortune at $2 million, which has been gained thanks to her success on social media. Besides the money generated by views on TikTok and YouTube, Brooke has been sponsored by companies from diverse fields such as car manufacturing and energy drinks, on top of investing in technology-related companies.

These days, Brooke is working on starting a beauty brand, which has been a long-time dream of hers.

What Does Brooke Monk Do for a Living? Her Age, Height, Career (2024)


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