20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (2024)

A birthday is a big deal, so we want to help you celebrate BIG! We’re counting down the 20+ party ideas for kids' birthdays -- and then blowing out the candles!

Updated September2023


20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (1)photo courtesy of A&R Workshop

A&R Workshop is a DIY studio that offers hands-on classes for creating unique craft projects of all kinds! Your kid and their party can join an instructor-led workshop where they can get creative with paint, canvas, textiles, wood, string, and more. They'll end with a craft that they're proud of and can put on display wherever they wish!

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Alamo Drafthouse is not your average cinema! They have over a dozen programs included in their “Signature Series,” which are perfect to piggyback off of for a birthday party. Just a few in the series are “Brunch on Broadway” and “PBS KIDS” at the Alamo. You can also always rent out a theater for your own private viewing experience and watch your fave movie!

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Reach the next level with wall-to-wall gravity-defying trampolinesat Altitude!Enjoy all of their attractions during your party time with full access to an obstacle course, dodgeball, airbags, basketball trampoline dunks, epic sports battles, and more. There's also a kid's court so the little ones can get out and jump safelytoo!

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Birdie's braid bars stylists will set up their stations atyour house and doll up the birthday girl and all of her friends with the cutest braids! If you want to tie your theme into the hairstyles, just let the stylists know and they will bring some fun accessories for an extra charge. They will also host braid bars for adult parties, so no one is left out of the fun!

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20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (2)photo courtesy of Canyon Climbing Gym

Are you looking for something on the active side for your kid's birthday party? Check out Canyon's party packages, including 2.5 hours of climbing, a private party room, 2 party hosts, and more! One of the packages comes with pizza, so all you'll need to bring is your kid's cake or cupcakes.

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If your kids are obsessed with any sort of character at all, whether it be a princess, superhero, or Star Wars character, this is the ultimate birthday party! The characterscome to your party and provide the meet-and-greet experienceevery kid dreams of. Their costumes are handcrafted, so you don't have to question the quality or authenticity of the performers!

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Have an active and funbirthday party experience at D1! Have your kid'swhole party play football, obstacle courses, nerf gun wars, laser tag, etc. all led by coaches!This facility also provides facility rentals, so you can have the whole place to yourself!

North Dallas | Directions


Bring out the colorful leotards and head to Elevate for some balance beam walking and cartwheel flipping! Your kids can enjoy gymnastics equipment,organized games tailored to theirspecific age group, and rides on the zip line. Plus, you can decorate the party room and bring your own birthday cake and other refreshments!

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Escape into the world of virtual reality at Fixation, the largest, most advanced VR Arcade in Texas! Play from intense action games toa wide array of games for all ages, skill levels, and genres. If you have a large party, you can also book the entire arcade for some uninterrupted fun!

Hurst | Directions


20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (3)photo courtesy of Group Dynamix

Book your kid's party here for some thrilling times! With exciting high ropes courses, zip lines, inflatables, GaGa ball, floor hockey, blacklight dodgeball, archery tag, a 22-player foosball table, and so much more, there's an endless amount of entertainment available.

Carrolton | Directions


A go-kart party is sure to get everyone's engines revved up! With electric karts that have a variety of safety features, you'll feel at ease knowing your kids will have fun in a safe environment. Plus with their race package, there'sno waiting in line, exclusive track time with your party, a Grand Prix-style race with qualifying and position race start, and a podium ceremonycomplete with photos and awards!

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Kidzania is an ultra-realisticcity built for kids and run by kids! There are 100+ professionsthey can try, likelearning about human anatomy while performing surgery on a mannequin at the Hospital, or getting a degree in archaeology at the University. Your kid's party can also enjoy treasure hunts, a parade, and a mascot appearance!

Frisco | Directions


Have the ultimate LEGO party at LEGOLAND! Explore the discovery center, enjoy an exclusive LEGO model-building experience, receive a LEGO take-home build for every child, and more. You can also have access to all of the rides and 4D Cinema after the party time!

Grapevine | Directions


20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (4)

Charter your kid'sbirthday party on the charming trolley! Get around Uptown and the Arts District in Downtown and let the M-Trolley line take care ofsetting up a table for your food,balloons, ice, coolers, and trash receptacles.

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The National Video Game Museum is a no-brainer for a gamer's birthday party! A rental comes with 2-hour access to a private room for up to 40 people, free play tokens for the 80s arcade, pizza, full use of the museum, and a special shirt for the birthday boy or girl! NVM is a fun activity-based party and a blast into the past! Featured header image.

Frisco | Directions


An open space to run around and have a Nerf war is basically heaven for little kids! It's the ultimate venue of multiple battlefields for Nerf wars galore, so your house can take a day off from being the battlefield. They have various party packages to suit exactly what you need, and they have a restaurant with a full menu to keep the adults and the littles satisfied!

Plano | Directions


Have a fun and high-energy birthday party at Ninja Nation! It's the perfect place for kids who like to climb, jump, crawl, and swing like ninjas. From monkey bars and rock climbing to obstacle courses and more, every guest will have an action-packed and memorable day!

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20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (5)

photo courtesy of Play Street Museum

Looking for the cutest venue to host your party? At Play Street Museum, you can choose the perfect theme and havepottery painting, slime making, painting on canvas, and more. Have the kids explore their interactive children's museum and take pictures that will last them a lifetime!

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Pump It Up is a hugeinflatable playgroundfor kids! Their parties are 100% private, so you get your own bounce house arena and party room to make your child feel extra special. Each location has its own add-ons to pump up the party, such as a glow party and a bubble extravaganza! One of us had a birthday party here as a kid, and we can't recommend it enough!

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Calling all party animals! Have your kids play on a giant safari structure with slides, inflatable animals, obstacle courses, and more. They can also keep the fun going with an arcade filled with cool games that will keep them entertained for hours!

Plano | Directions


Your kids and their friends will be able to explore the wonders inside of Texas' only 360 ocean tunnel at Sea Life!See sharks and rescued sea turtles up close, touch sea stars and other creatures, and explore over 10 awesome exhibits. Depending on the package you choose, you can also get a private party room, a birthday hat for each kid, a plush toy for the birthday kid, and more!

Grapevine | Directions

20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (6)

Spark is an indoor jungle gym made out of recycled materials like a Southwest airplane wing and soda cans metamorphosed into butterflies!You can run around and create, touch, and play.Beyond the jungle gym structure, there are ever-changing stations for music, stop motion, silk screen printing, and crafting. They’ll also let you bring in outside food and even alcohol too, if you want to host the parents too!

Cedars | Directions


Urban Air is sure to get your kids tired with lots of jumping and indoor games. There is a battle beam, dodgeball, warrior courses, climbing walls, an indoor playground, trampolines, and so much more! You can get the classic or the glow theme party packagethat includesblack lights, strobes, and cool lasers.



Celebrate your kid's birthday with an interactive cooking or baking activity for the whole party! They can create all kinds of delicious and easy creations like pizza and pasta, or bakeand decorate birthday cupcakes. If they'd like to play dress up, they can also choose to have a royal tea party with chocolate chip scones and tea sandwiches!

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20+ Ideas for Kids Birthdays in DFW (2024)


How do you make a boring birthday party fun? ›

Everyone hates a boring party. Here's how to kick things up a notch
  1. Combine two unrelated themes. ...
  2. Find any random reason to celebrate. ...
  3. Make a vision board. ...
  4. Pay attention to the timing. ...
  5. Go big or go home. ...
  6. Give people space to do their own thing.
Nov 30, 2022

How to celebrate a birthday with family? ›

21 Meaningful Ideas For Celebrating Birthday With Family
  1. Decorate The House.
  2. Prepare The Food and Drinks.
  3. Birthday Cake.
  4. Prepare Some Meaningful Birthday Gifts.
  5. Garden BBQ Birthday Dinner.
  6. Slumber Party.
  7. Diy Birthday Spa.
  8. Go Somewhere Fun As a Family.
Dec 28, 2023

How to make a birthday special without money? ›

Gift a Birthday Activity or Event
  1. Hike together.
  2. Go for a bike ride.
  3. Play a sport together.
  4. Invite them over for a board game night.
  5. Take a road trip.
  6. Go fishing or boating.
  7. Surprise them with a bonfire.
  8. Take them on a picnic and pack their favorite foods.
Aug 3, 2020

What is the most unique birthday? ›

What are the rarest birthdays? February 29th: February 29th (Leap Day during Leap Year) is the rarest birthday with only a one in roughly 1,460 chance of being born on this date. February is one of the least popular months for new births. The second rarest birthday is Christmas Eve, December 24th.

What's the most special birthday? ›

As mentioned above 16,17, 18 and 21 are often considered milestone birthdays. After that, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays are significant. Some people may celebrate 65th 66th or 67th birthdays as milestone birthdays, due to this being associated with 'official' retirement ages.

How to celebrate kids' birthdays simply? ›

Simple ways to make your child feel extra special on their birthday
  1. Decorate your home. Balloons, a simple birthday banner and some fairy lights work like magic. ...
  2. Birthday traditions‍ ...
  3. Let them make the decisions. ...
  4. The gift of giving. ...
  5. Birthday Interview. ...
  6. Pamper them. ...
  7. Write them a letter.

How can I make my child's birthday special without a party? ›

Here are 10 ways to make your child's birthday fun and memorable other than having a birthday party:
  1. Amusem*nt Park. ...
  2. Special dinner at your favorite restaurant. ...
  3. Go to the movies. ...
  4. Bowling. ...
  5. Visit your child's favorite place. ...
  6. Spend the day with friends. ...
  7. Take a trip. ...
  8. Sporting Event.

How to keep kids entertained at a party? ›

Ans: Consider setting up a themed scavenger hunt, crafting station, or a movie corner with their favorite films. These activities, aligned with the theme, can keep the kids engaged and excited throughout the celebration.

How do you throw a killer birthday party? ›

How To Throw An Amazing Grown-Up Birthday Party
  1. Start With Your Party's Theme. Designing a birthday party is much easier if you have a theme to work off of. ...
  2. Focus On Killer Food & Drinks. ...
  3. Bring Out Everyone's Inner-Child. ...
  4. Customize Banners & Signs.

What is the most important thing in a birthday party? ›

Remember, the most important thing about planning a birthday party is to create a fun and memorable experience for the birthday person and their guests. So, whether you're planning a big bash or a small gathering, keep the focus on celebrating another year of life and creating happy memories.

How do you organize a perfect birthday party? ›

Party planning tips 2-3 months before:
  1. Choose a theme. ...
  2. Determine your budget. ...
  3. Choose a few date and time options for the event. ...
  4. Book an event venue. 69% of event planners select venues based on word of mouth recommendations. ...
  5. Arrange entertainment. ...
  6. Make a guest list. ...
  7. Order supplies if you're making your own decor.


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